5G 技术下会展 APP 的应用与优化研究
引用本文:王尚君.5G 技术下会展 APP 的应用与优化研究[J].上海第二工业大学(英文版),2021,(1):41-46
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WANG Shang-jun School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai 201209, China 
基金项目:上海第二工业大学校基金 (EGD20XKP03) 资助
中文摘要:伴随 5G 技术的发展, 以及我国对 5G 技术发展的政策支持, 为中国智慧会展的发展带来了机遇, 其中会展 APP 的应用是我国智慧发展的重要内容之一。研究立足目前 4G 条件下会展 APP 的应用及开发状态, 总结了目前会 展 APP 在观展、导览等方面的功能缺陷, 提出了 5G 技术支持下未来会展 APP 功能的优化措施, 主要实现会展 APP 功能上的体验感、互动性等, 旨在为会展 APP 的健康发展寻找途径, 为未来智慧会展的发展提供借鉴。
中文关键词:第五代移动通信技术  会展 APP  应用  优化
Study on Application and Optimization of Convention andExhibition APP Under the Support of 5G Technology
Abstract:With the development of 5G, and China,s policy support for the development of 5G, smart convention and exhibition has been brought opportunities in China. And the application of convention and exhibition APP is one of the important contents of China,s smart convention and exhibition development. Based on the status of application and development of convention and exhibition APP under the current 4G condition, the functional defects of convention and exhibition APP are summarized at present in the aspects of viewing and showing, and the optimization measures of future convention and exhibition APP function supported by 5G technology are putting forward, in order to find a way for the healthy development of the convention and exhibition APP and provide reference for the future development of the smart convention and exhibition.
keywords:the fifth generation mobile communication technology  exhibition APP  application  optimization
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